Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Sunday Ava came home from "Maw and Paws" house from staying the night. When she came in i thought she looked awfully pale (just thinking she needed a little sunshine on her legs) i never thought another thing about it. Until she pottied the most horrific stool i have ever seen. I didnt realize that something so Tar like could come out of your body. THEN i started worrying! Being the paranoid mother that i am, did the one thing every dr tells you Not to do. I busted out the laptop and started googling away at what this could be. Everything i found said that was a sign of intestinal bleeding or some sort of bleeding in her stomach.

First thing monday morning i was calling her pediatrician to get her in asap. We took her in, they did some blood work and said that they would have the results the next day. Waiting is the absolute worst part...

Tuesday, I have a dr appt to go check on Aiden and see how hes coming along (@ this point, hopefully not any time soon! lol) Leaving my dr and get the phone call with the test results for avas blood work. "Ava only has HALF the amount of blood she is supposed to have in her body right now" ...."her hemagloban is only a 6.8 (normal is around 15) so we know she is losing blood somewhere" Dr allen calls and gets her an appt with a GI specialist for that next friday morning. 2 and a half long days of waiting!

Thursday morning started off as a fairly normal day, until i recieved a call saying that "something came up and im sorry they cant see ava until next monday now" ...that would have been an entire Week that we know she has been losing blood. THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS WAITING ANOTHER 3 DAYS! Called Dr after Dr, clinic after clinic trying to figure out WHO could see her, and we pretty much got the same answer from everyone "no dr can see her without a referral" "we cant do anything without her charts" ugh! are you kidding me!? My husband and i finally made the decision to just take her to the Emergency room at Cooks downtown Fort Worth and pray that they can do SOMETHING.

After waiting for hours and having blood work done, her test came back with the same thing as tuesday..hemogloban is still a very low 6.8 and her red blood cells are high bc they are trying to make up for the lost blood. The Gastroenterologists made the final call and wanted to Admit her to find out what was going on and where she was losing this blood from. Dr Ogunmola (GI DR) came in and talked to us once she got settled in her room. He thinks that she either has a Tear in her upper intestines which is causing her to bleed...polyps in her lower intesitnes both which can be found through doing a scope..or if neithier one of those are it, they are going to check her for acidic tissue in her intestines that might be causing the bleed.

So now, i sit here watching my 2 year old get a 4 hour blood transfusion and wonder WHY IN THE WORLD IS SHE HAVING TO GO THROUGH THIS!? Last week she was a perfectly healthy child running around the front yard blowing bubbles, and now THIS? Its just so frustrating as a mother to not be able to explain to her that this is all going to help make her better in the end. it breaks my heart every time a nurse comes in and those huge tears just come a rollin' down her face bc she knows she is getting poked or messed with yet again. I pray that this all ends soon, and with good results and answers!


  1. We'll keep everyone in our prayers.

  2. I've been thinking about you guys non-stop! Your all in my prayers.